Religion means connecting to God

Religion means connecting to god. And once people are connected to god, they do not require religion. The religious bosses know this fact, therefore they do everything possible to ensure people disconnected from god in order for their survival and then enabling them to enjoy the monetary gain.

By law of karma, we receive what we give. Therefore when you get healing, it becomes your responsibility to get more suffering people for this free healing. The more people you bring for healing, the more good karma you get, you become a tool of god, you will become more connected to god, your happiness increases, which will accelerate your family healing. Therefore please do bring maximum suffering people for healing.

Remember , healing happens when they get connected to god.. There is no better good karma than helping connect people to god.

Healing, prosperity, peace of mind and happiness happens when people are connected to god. When you help a suffering person by bringing him for this free healing, you are helping that person connecting to god. More people connected to god more time, the upliftment of universal conscious happens, thereby you contribute for the good of this world and all creatures including humanity.
God bless

For free distant energy healings, please send your email request to: as mentioned in the following links.

The following details are needed to do healing for each person.
1) The suffering person's name
2) Mother's name
) Father's name
) Full address which shall include
Family name, House name or house no:, street name
District,  state and country.
) Illnesses for which healing is required. Here correct name of
illnesses may help the cure easily.
God bless

If no reply in 2 days, pls send reminders.

Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. Before believing this article readers need to do their own study or research in order to understand and establish the truth.


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