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Mind, Dharma and Grief Recovery.

God did not dumb human beings to this world to suffer. Actually God send us into this world as highly interconnected beings, in order to enjoy happiness, which we are unable to perceive and are not aware of. Healing happens when we are connected to God..
We are here in this world to do dharma and enjoy the fruit of happiness delivered by dharma.
Dharma is any action where both giver and receiver are happy. Means dharma happens only when others connected to our actions are happy because of our actions to enjoy happiness.
Therefore it is the responsibility of every human being to help each other. The best ways to do dharma is By praying for others in our mind By giving gratitude to others in our mind By blessing others in our mind. If we pray for ourselves, it is begging as we are only trying to pull something without giving out anything which contradicts law of karma.
Law of karma states that, we receive what we give in one form or another form
Thoughts Thoughts are energy, thoughts do not…

Conditions of free healing

It is a fact that every one who got healed by this free healing knew lot of people suffering from various illnesses, but they will not help people other than their blood relatives get this free healing due to their selfishness. They may even tell others that this healing is fake at their highest level of selfishness so that others are denied this free healing. They do not know what they will receive for this adharma they are doing.
Praying to god for self and blood relatives is begging and selfishness at it's highest form and therefore will not get any good karma, whereas praying for others, other than blood relatives is giving, and therefore good karma. The same way helping relatives to get healed will not give good karma to one and one's family, whereas helping others other than one's blood relatives and friends will give the person good karma.
Suggest you create maximum good karma by helping maximum people heal by sending them to this healing. Also share your healing exper…

Healing Results

All healings happens by the grace of god and are done free of cost.

Sitting anywhere in the world, god willing, healing can happen to anybody, anywhere in the world ( remote energy healing) just by having their address. Therefore area or place in any part of the world is good for healing. All cure happens by the diseased organs absorbing healing energies and activate it's innate healing abilities. Cardiac arrhythmia, Cardiac Arrest, Cardiomyopathy, Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Heart valve diseases and heart blocks which requires bypass surgery etc. may be healed, by the grace of god within weeks. 
Cancer may be healed, provided the innate ability of affected organs to heal itself did not fail, but it may take one month or more
Emotional problems can be cured instantly on line while the diseased experiences the bad emotion.
Allergies can be cured instantly online while the diseased experiences the allergies.
Arthritis can becured with a long period of healing. Stroke patients may improve. A…


Energy Healing is all about accepting that you are an energy being. A being that is much more complicated than just a physical body. A being that exists in multiple dimensions at the same time. Accepting and understanding this, we can then utilize divine energy to restore your energy flow to the optimum balance across all those dimensions.
How can this be? The concept of each of us existing simply as energy is not a new idea. New understandings in science have changed our perceptions of what we are made of. Atoms which were once considered as the smallest particles that ever existed are in turn made up of subatomic energies, which have no solidity at all. Science tells us they are quite literally, packets or waves of information that vibrate. This information or energy is in fact light, which is adapted to create our Biofield.
ENERGY HEALING IS A BROAD TERMEnergy Healing is a broad term that stimulates the energy flow in or around the human body to restore balance on all levels, thereby…