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Human body frequency

Recently read an interesting article discussing the research of German biophysicist and pioneer in the field of biophotonics, Fritz-Albert Popp. Popp’s research uncovered that all living cells emit photons and that the light appeared to be sourced from within DNA. Furthermore, the DNA could ‘transmit’ a wide range of frequencies and that there was an exchange of these photons between different organisms as well as within. We literally are beings of light.
A number of other researchers over the years have uncovered evidence of this energy within living things and sought to develop means of using it.
* In the 1920’s Royal Raymond Rife, MD discovered that by using certain frequencies he could destroy viruses and bacterium.

* Nikola Tesla argued that if one could remove certain outside frequencies that interfered with our own body’s frequencies you would have greater resistance to disease (I wonder what he would have thought of WiFi)

We are all affected by the frequencies around us.
* The Swed…

What is enlightenment

What is enlightenment ? Enlightenment is not a permanent state. No body in this world is enlightened 24 hours a day . Everybody experiences enlightenment when they looses track of time. This means if anybody is passionately involved in their work whether it is dancing, singing, driving, sports activities, office work, construction activities, studies or in any action or in any thought and only aware of what he/ she is doing, thereby not connected to the time and only connected with the present moment is enlightened. While experiencing enlightenment, there exists no past and no future., buy only present exists. This may happen to everybody irrespective of any teachings. The word enlightenment is misused by fraud gurus to cheat others by promising to give them enlightenment.. Enlightenment cannot be given to anybody by another person. It is only an experience. If one is fully aware of what he/she is doing, he/she is enlightened at that moment.
Enlightenment is awareness of what is happeni…

Details required for free distant energy healing.

For free distant energy healings, please send your email request to: as mentioned in the following links.
The following details are needed to do healing for each person. 1) The suffering person's name
2) Mother's name
) Father's name
) Full address which shall include
Family name, House name or house no:, street name
District,  state and country.
) Illnesses for which healing is required. Here correct name of
illnesses may help the cure easily.
God bless
If no reply in 2 days, pls send reminders.

Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. Before believing this article readers need to do their own study or research in order to understand and establish the truth.