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Illnesses cured

The following illnesses are cured, subjected to the Points to be noted, which is listed below. Kidney stones, Gall bladder stones, Urinary bladder stones, Pancreatic stones and stones in urinary tract. Heart Blocks and heart attacks , less blood circulation and blocks in blood vessels. All kind of pains like head aches, Neck pains, Stiff neck, Frozen shoulders, Joint pains, Chest pains, Knee pains, hand pain and leg pains. Memory loss, study retention, lethargy and depression. This healing helped techies and students Healing Infertility issues, Most probably infertility is caused by emotional issues and once these emotional issues are resolved by healing and other corrective actions, conceiving and giving birth to healthy child becomes possible.
Points to be noted:- No need to believe in this healing for the healing to happen. Need to respect this healing and be grateful to god. Positive karmic balance or an attitude to bless others. After healing maintain a positive attitude,…