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Free grief recovery

There are times in life when we will all be called upon to experience the profound loss of a loved one. As painful and confusing as this process can be, it can also be a time of positive personal growth and transformation. For the latter to occur, it is important that we recover from grief at the earliest possible.
Grief dwells in an inner reservoir. When you focus on one particular loss and reconnect with those feelings, you gain a clearer perspective on many other losses. The ones that you choose to reconnect with depend on your current needs and the issues at hand. Once we relax our resistance, there is always a sweetness and comfort in these reconnections and a part of you comes alive once again. If there was not significant and meaningful bonding in these relationships to begin with, we would not experience the loss as traumatic.
Furthermore, in the state of openness and vulnerability that is created through grieving, new learning and corrective experience come more easily. These …