Free grief recovery

There are times in life when we will all be called upon to experience the profound loss of a loved one. As painful and confusing as this process can be, it can also be a time of positive personal growth and transformation. For the latter to occur, it is important that we recover from grief at the earliest possible.

Grief dwells in an inner reservoir. When you focus on one particular loss and reconnect with those feelings, you gain a clearer perspective on many other losses. The ones that you choose to reconnect with depend on your current needs and the issues at hand. Once we relax our resistance, there
is always a sweetness and comfort in these reconnections and a part of you comes alive once again. If there was not significant and meaningful bonding in these relationships to begin with, we would not experience the loss as traumatic.

Furthermore, in the state of openness and vulnerability that is created through grieving, new learning and corrective experience come more easily. These can be times of significant change and transformation. Outer life experiences tend to be put in a perspective that reflects what is truly important in your life, and what is without significant meaning.

Healing grief is a very individual process. Often it really begins to affect us profoundly weeks or months after the loss. When it does, each of us must be reassured that the sun will shine again, for while we are in grief, often only clouds prevail. We must be comforted by an outside source, written or spoken or sung words that healing will organically occur. We must also rise above our grief as need be. We must pull ourselves out of it to periodically socialize, even if we don’t feel like it.

A present loss, even one that is grieved in a healthy way will take longer to heal than unresolved losses from the past. This is because a current loss is anchored in present reality that must be lived day to day, while unresolved losses from the past are not anchored in a current reality that
must be dealt with. You must only “make room” for the feelings to move through you and be respected.

This process continues to quicken as we become more grounded in its necessity and realize it as a pathway to our wholeness.

Natural grief healing take it's own long time to heal, while this free online grief healing shall heal completely the grief instantly by the grace of god.

For free distant energy healings, please send your email request to: as mentioned in the following links.

The following details are needed to do healing for each person.
1) The suffering person's name
2) Mother's name
) Father's name
) Full address which shall include
Family name, House name or house no:, street name
District,  state and country.
) Illnesses for which healing is required. Here correct name of
illnesses may help the cure easily.
God bless

If no reply in 2 days, pls send reminders.

Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. Before believing this article readers need to do their own study or research in order to understand and establish the truth.


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