Illnesses cured

Illnesses cured by God power (Shivasakthi) Cosmichealingworld: Guru Renjit Madathilezhuthu Phone: +917510571388 The following illnesses are cured  instantly,  by praying to Shivasakthi  Kidney stones, Gall blad der stones, Urinary bladder stones, Pancreatic stones and stones in urinary tract, within 10 minutes. Uterine fibroids within 20 minutes. Heart Blocks and heart attacks which require bypass surgery within 20 minutes, less blood circulation and blocks in blood vessels in one month period All kind of pains like head aches, Neck pains, Stiff neck, Frozen shoulders, Back pains, Back bone pains, Joint pains, Chest pains, Knee pains, hand pain and leg pains in 10 minutes. Memory loss, study retention, lethargy and depression. This healing helped techies and students Healing Infertility issues, Most probably infertility is caused by emotional issues and once these emotional issues are resolved by healing and other corrective actions, con

Give Gratitude for a better life.

What and how can we give something directly to god? If we donate money to church or temple, does it reach god or does god accept it? The answer is simple. The donated money is used by human beings for their worldly matters.. If we assume that god accepts money against favors to us, then it means god accepts bribe for doing favors to us. The entire universe is created by god from god and therefore god is the creator and the creation. This means the entire universe belongs to god. Therefore how can we donate anything to god, which already belongs to god. What and how can we give something directly to god? There are two ways of doing this: Praying for others. When we pray for ourselves or for our blood relations, it is called begging as we are not giving anything against what we want to receive. Going by law of karma, this will never work. Law of karma states that .“what we give is what we receive in one way or the other” But when we pray for others,

Blessings and Gratitude Meditation for Men

The following is a very powerful blessings which could be done easily by everybody. Sit in a comfortable position either in sukhasana or in a chair with erect spine. If sitting in chair, keep both feet flat on floor, do not cross the legs. Close your eyes. Take 3 deep breaths and relax. One deep breath involves one count inhaling through the nose while visualizing a continuous divine bright beam of white light entering and filling your complete body through the top of your head and then 3 count exhaling through the mouth while visualizing all bad ( negative ) energies in the form of black smoke going out from every cell of your body and divine white light converts the black smoke to divine white light. You are cleansed, purified and relaxed now. Visualize a continuous divine bright beam of white light entering and filling your complete body through the top of your head. Divine white light after having filled your body, surrounds your bod

Thoughts illnesses and food

When you say, "you have" means you like what you have or you are happy with what you have. Here god will understand that you like what you have and give you more of what you have. Never think or say an illnesses with "have", instead always say, I am suffering from.. Here god will understand that you are suffering from an illness or a problem and god will help you by removing what you are suffering from. You must think and say, I am suffering from heart valve problems, I am suffering from blood circulation problems etc.  I am suffering from this illness etc.  I am suffering from this problem etc.  In any of our emergency situation, only that system and it's supporting systems helping us  out of that emergency only operates in our body. Digesting food by our body is an emergency system as food is needed for our survival. Needless to say survival is an emergency state in which only fight or flight will work and all other non related syst

God and people healed

It is a fact that every one who got healed by this free healing knew lot of people suffering from various illnesses, but they will not help people other than their blood relatives get this free healing due to their selfishness. They may even tell others that this healing is fake at their highest level of selfishness so that others are denied this free healing. They do not know what they will receive for this adharma they are doing. Praying to god for self and blood relatives is begging and selfishness at it's highest form and therefore will not get any good karma, whereas praying for others, other than blood relatives is giving, and therefore good karma. The same way helping relatives to get healed will not give good karma to one and one's family, whereas helping others other than one's blood relatives and friends will give the person good karma. Suggest you create maximum good karma by helping maximum people heal by sending them to this healing. Also share your