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Modern Medicine and disease management ( not cure)

The modern medical establishment has been historically reluctant to look at herbal medicines, preferring to prescribe medications which must be manufactured. There is no doubt that modern medicine has been highly effective in the prevention and treatment of many illnesses. Thousands of ailments which would have been fatal as little as 150 years ago can now be treated with modern medicine.

However, there are also dark sides to modern medicine. This dark side comes from a variety of different factors.

One dark side is that modern medicine is now without a scientific foundation.

Modern medicine is based on Newtonian science, which considered human beings as matter and treated accordingly. This is why they cut and throw away or replace human organs and parts. By cutting and throwing away human parts, they are pretending that they are over and above god as god is foolish enough to include such parts in the human body.

As per latest science human body is made of energy with frequencies. Disease…