Modern Medicine and disease management ( not cure)

The modern medical establishment has been historically reluctant to look at herbal medicines, preferring to prescribe medications which must be manufactured. There is no doubt that modern medicine has been highly effective in the prevention and treatment of many illnesses. Thousands of ailments which would have been fatal as little as 150 years ago can now be treated with modern medicine.

However, there are also dark sides to modern medicine. This dark side comes from a variety of different factors.

One dark side is that modern medicine is now without a scientific foundation.

Modern medicine is based on Newtonian science, which considered human beings as matter and treated accordingly. This is why they cut and throw away or replace human organs and parts. By cutting and throwing away human parts, they are pretending that they are over and above god as god is foolish enough to include such parts in the human body.

As per latest science human body is made of energy with frequencies. Diseases affect human body when the frequencies of organs reduces below it's minimum required frequency. As per law of entrainment frequencies can only be increased by providing higher frequencies, which is done by energy medicines, herbal medicines, ayurveda etc. Modern medicines made of chemicals are with dead frequencies, which cannot cure diseases directly.

Then how these modern medications works?
Here is the secret
When we are in deep sleep maximum divine or cosmic energy enters us which results in curing diseases as applicable. This is why a regular deep sleep everyday is needed to ward of diseases. So in most modern medicines sedatives are included to provide deep sleep to the patient , thereby enabling cosmic energy to cure diseases. They also add some minerals, vitamins, amino acids etc, which is found deficient in the patient. So modern medicines are not curing diseases. Curing happens because of the cosmic energy entering our body during deep sleep along with the innate ability of every organ to cure itself by absorbing this cosmic energy.

In fact modern medicines are not for curing diseases, instead modern medicine is for
Managing diseases, means prolonging the disease with medications and surgeries by not allowing the patient to live properly by curing the disease or not allowing the patient to die for extracting more money from the patients.

Modern medicine researches are conducted in order for the patients to survive with the medical condition for a long period, without allowing the patient to die or cure diseases. This will enable them to extract maximum amount of money from the patients.

If modern medicine measure human organ frequencies, they will end up throwing away all their medications as their chemical medications are with negligible frequencies, which contradicts law of entrainment.  

Viewing from the law of entrainment modern medicine is a curse to humanity.

The fundamental basic thing of all human body organs and parts are frequencies. It is a dark fate on human beings that modern medicine, which is the most popular medical branch is not even considering frequencies as the basis of their treatment. Instead they invent highly complicated and sophisticated instruments in order to extract maximum money from patients.

 It shall be noted that by measuring human body frequencies and treating humans with frequency based medicines, the treatment and cure becomes so simple that amount of money extracted by modern medicine from patients becomes negligible and the number of patients world wide suffering from chronic diseases becomes much less.

Let us consider a patient suffering from artery block which results in heart attack.
Here the easiest method is to remove all blocks by cleaning the complete blood vessels, which is very simple. The problem here is that the patient will be cured of the disease and therefore they cannot extract more money by prolonging the disease.

Here modern medicine treat patients with operations and medications without cleaning the full blood vessels from blocks, thereby the patient is forced to take medications throughout his survival period. The patient is not cured, but only managing the disease by becoming a life long patient.

By not curing diseases completely, they create fear of death in the patients, which opens door for them to treat the patients for other diseases generated by the fear factor created by them. Therefore modern medicine is a curse on humanity now.

One of the most prominent is the side effects which are found among modern medicines. Because most modern medicine is manufactured in a lab, it is synthetic, and putting it in the body will often have negative side effects.

In some cases, the side effects which result from taking certain medications practically supersedes the advantages that one gains from using them. In other situations, the side effects which result from modern medicines may even be dangerous.

Statistics show that each year in the United States, a large number of people die as a result of complications which result from them taking various medications. Much of the medications which these individuals consumed were synthetic.

Another dark side that comes with modern medicine is its price tag. Most synthetic medicines today are so expensive that millions of people living in countries such as the United States cannot afford it, let alone the billions of people living in developing nations.

When you consider the fact that roughly half the world's population lives on less than $2 per day, it becomes easy to see why modern medicine is outside the reach of all of them, which means that only the rich can afford it.

Despite the fact that modern medicine is dominant in developed countries, its high cost combined with its side effects has led many to adopt herbal medicine as an alternative. A number of statistics have showed that more Westerners are taking interest in herbs today than ever before, and a billion dollar industry has grown around alternative health.

This is particularly true when it comes to surgery. Even minor operations cost thousands of dollars, and serious operations cost tens of thousands. This means that most people, even those living in developed nations, would need to go in debt just to pay for the cost of such a procedure. Please be noted that most surgeries could be avoided with correct energy medicines.

In contrast, people living in developing countries would be helpless, and would in all likelihood die as a result of their inability to afford the operation.

Another problem with modern medicine is that it emphasizes the disease management like in diabetes, rather than cure. and has become a multi-billion dollar market where profits are more important than results. Health insurance has become so expensive that even millions of Americans can no longer afford it.

Conclusion: There is a saying: You receive what you deserve.
The humanity now probably deserves to suffer from life long diseases and medications with only management by the modern medicine ending up their miserable life bankrupt.

The best way humanity can escape this hell is only by switching to frequency based medicines.

As modern medicine is highly developed, forcing the modern medical practice to accept testing patients on the basis of frequency, and then treating patients with frequency medicines. This will end the suffering and miseries caused by modern medicines in most cases.

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Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. Before believing this article readers need to do their own study or research in order to understand and establish the truth.


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