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Love, sex and dharma

Every women are capable of loving their husbands and can understand the difference between love and sex, where as most men do not have the capability to differenciate between love and sex. For men both love and sex are same as sex.
Most men need sex from their spouse to love their spouse. Most women expect love from their husbands in order to have love and sex with their husbands. Women are filled with love naturally where as most men are not. Therefore, in order for women to get love from their husbands, first they must provide sex to their husbands and in return women get love from their husbands. The major problem in this world are, women are waiting to get their husband's love in order to give love and sex back to their husbands. Men are not naturally filled with love and therefore men are not able to give love first to their spouse before receiving love. Men can only reflect back the love he gets from others. Men only have power to decide which love he reflect back and with what…

Mother's Blessings

Mother's Blessings
Mothers are more than 10 times powerful spiritually and emotionally than men, therefore mothers are more than 10 times capable of changing the family in a positive way by blessing others. Needless to say men need more than 10 times the time taken by mothers to bring about the same positive changes in family by blessing others.
The following is a very powerful blessings which could be done easily by mothers where as most fathers fail to do this properly as fathers are not capable of giving universal love. Mothers are called lamp of family as mothers take care of family with love. Mothers love is what maintains this universe in the current form as love of men are negligible. If all mothers in this world bless this world only for one day, this entire world shall become heaven in no time.
Mother's Blessings Sit in a comfortable position either in sukhasana or in a chair with erect spine. If sitting in chair, keep both feet flat on floor, do not cross the legs. Close …

Cure all diseases

Prevention is better than cure
1) Think and wish good for self and others, in order to keep your vibrations high, thereby preventing and curing diseases.
Your thoughts are energy and it is in your mind which is located in your brain. Whether you think or/and wish good or bad for others or for you, as the thought energy is in your brain, it will definitely effect you. If you think or/and wish good for self and others, it is good for you. If you think or/and wish bad for self and others, it is bad for you. So simple.
Keep an attitude of gratitude in order to keep your vibrations high, thereby preventing and curing diseases.
Make a list of all people, places and things, which helped you in your life starting with your mother and father. Other important things are food, water, air, fire and energy particles. Before eating food, give gratitude to the food, the food chain and water. You may give gratitude to the same persons and things repeatedly throughout your full life.
“It isn’t what you h…

Religion means connecting to God

Religion means connecting to god. And once people are connected to god, they do not require religion. The religious bosses know this fact, therefore they do everything possible to ensure people disconnected from god in order for their survival and then enabling them to enjoy the monetary gain.

By law of karma, we receive what we give. Therefore when you get healing, it becomes your responsibility to get more suffering people for this free healing. The more people you bring for healing, the more good karma you get, you become a tool of god, you will become more connected to god, your happiness increases, which will accelerate your family healing. Therefore please do bring maximum suffering people for healing.
Remember , healing happens when they get connected to god.. There is no better good karma than helping connect people to god.
Healing, prosperity, peace of mind and happiness happens when people are connected to god. When you help a suffering person by bringing him for this f…

Live without illnesses

Keep blessing self and others 1) We have no right to change others and we only have right to change self. 2) We need to take full responsibility for everything happening in our life. For eg: If my wife is a devil, it means I deserve a devil due to my karma. 3) We receive what we give in one or the other way ( law of karma). God cannot favor us in any way as a response to our prayers. Therefore we need to give good ( satkarma) to god for good things to happen in our life in return. 4) Satkarma refers to helping others. Donating money may not help. 5) Thoughts do not belong to us. In fact we receive thoughts from cosmos using our antennae in our head. We are giving intend for the type of thoughts we like and thereby receive thoughts accordingly. we shall have everything good in our life as we already have the power to have good thoughts by consciously changing the quality of thoughts. 5) Communication to god is prayer. As god knows what we are thinking, our thoughts and deeds are prayers. The…