Love, sex and dharma

Every women are capable of loving their husbands and can understand the difference between love and sex, where as most men do not have the capability to differenciate between love and sex. For men both love and sex are same as sex.

Most men need sex from their spouse to love their spouse.
Most women expect love from their husbands in order to have love and sex with their husbands.
Women are filled with love naturally where as most men are not.
Therefore, in order for women to get love from their husbands, first they must provide sex to their husbands and in return women get love from their husbands.
The major problem in this world are, women are waiting to get their husband's love in order to give love and sex back to their husbands. Men are not naturally filled with love and therefore men are not able to give love first to their spouse before receiving love. Men can only reflect back the love he gets from others. Men only have power to decide which love he reflect back and with what quality ( love, sex, lust etc. ). Men can reflect back love from everybody he receives or he can reflect back love only to his wife, or only to anybody he desires. Once men start reflecting the love he receives from a woman other than his wife, it becomes an illicit relation. Most illicit relations can be avoided by spouses if enough love and sex happens between spouses. This is a vicious circle, which women can easily break by first providing love and sex to their husbands and then getting love back from their husbands. Making sex with love is Divine. Sex leads to love and provides lot of god's grace to the couple.
Dharma is an action in which both the giver and receiver are happy.
Sex between spouses are dharma as both spouses are happy while doing sex. Humanity is supposed to do dharma enabling them to enjoy happiness. Happiness is the combination and final product of health, wealth, prosperity, wisdom and peace. Humanity and all other creatures are created by the creator in this world to enjoy happiness by doing dharma.

Dharma and illicit relations.
In an illicit relation as long as both partners are only aware of their relation, the relation becomes dharma as both partners are happy with their illicit relation and no body else is unhappy because of their relation.
In an illicit relation where the spouses of partners or any one spouse of either partner is aware of their relation, the relation is not dharma due to the unhappiness of the aware spouse or spouses.
In an illicit relation, if a single creature ( person, dog, cat etc.) is unhappy, the relation is not dharma, due to the unhappiness of the aware creature. And if the aware creature or spouse is also happy about the illicit relation, then that relation becomes dharma.

God Bless

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