Mother's Blessings

Mother's Blessings

Mothers are more than 10 times powerful spiritually and emotionally than men, therefore mothers are more than 10 times capable of changing the family in a positive way by blessing others. Needless to say men need more than 10 times the time taken by mothers to bring about the same positive changes in family by blessing others.

The following is a very powerful blessings which could be done easily by mothers where as most fathers fail to do this properly as fathers are not capable of giving universal love.
Mothers are called lamp of family as mothers take care of family with love.
Mothers love is what maintains this universe in the current form as love of men are negligible.
If all mothers in this world bless this world only for one day, this entire world shall become heaven in no time.

Mother's Blessings
  1. Sit in a comfortable position either in sukhasana or in a chair with erect spine. If sitting in chair, keep both feet flat on floor, do not cross the legs.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Take 3 deep breaths and relax.
    One deep breath involves one count inhaling through the nose while visualizing a continuous divine bright beam of white light entering and filling your complete body through the top of your head and then 3 count exhaling through the mouth while visualizing all bad ( negative ) energies in the form of black smoke going out from every cell of your body and divine white light converts the black smoke to divine white light.
  4. You are cleansed, purified and relaxed now.
  5. Visualize a continuous divine bright beam of white light entering and filling your complete body through the top of your head. Divine white light after having filled your body, surrounds your body with a 9 feet sphere of divine white light around you. This divine energy protects, highly energizes and blesses you during this blessings.
  6. In your visualization, you are divine white light now with the consciousness of god.
  7. Now visualize this world in the shape of sphere 8000 miles in diameter and every human being in this world as your children with ages as you are comfortable.
  8. Visualize a continuous divine bright beam of white light entering and filling your children through the top of their head. Divine white light after having filled their body, surrounds their body with a 9 feet sphere of divine white light around them. After that visualize the divine energy completely fills the whole world and then surrounds the whole world. You must visualize this as long as you can, understanding that this whole world is continuously blessed by god during this period.
  9. Give an intend to god that, this god blessing to the whole world continues another 24 hours after you finish this blessings.
  10. Give your gratitude to god to give you good thoughts and power to bless others during your full life.
  11. Give your gratitude to god for helping you perform this blessings every day for a long period and conclude this blessings.
  12. God Bless.
      1.Mother's blessings will increase your good karma day by day which           will enable solve your problems easily or make you free from             problems and provide your family with happiness. This is the best and powerful good karma known to humanity.
  1. A mother doing this blessings everyday for half an hour can change positively a whole area of 50 kilometre radius easily.
  2. Watch your thoughts and maintain an attitude of gratitude for blessing and healing you, your children, relatives and the whole world
  3. We receive what we give in one or the other way ( law of karma). God cannot favor us in any way as a response to our prayers. Therefore we need to give good karma ( satkarma) to god for good things to happen in our life in return. Once your good karma increases problems give way to solutions.
  4. Satkarma refers to helping others. Donating money may not help as this may not be dharma always, because one party can be unhappy in the deal.
  5. Blessing others is a 100 percent dharma and therefore good karma.
  6. Thoughts do not belong to us. In fact we receive thoughts from cosmos using our antennae in our head. We are giving intend for the type of thoughts we like and thereby receive thoughts accordingly. we shall have everything good in our life as we already have the power to have good thoughts by consciously changing the quality of our thoughts.
  7. Communication to god is prayer. As god knows what we are thinking, our thoughts and deeds are prayers. Therefore our life itself is prayer.
  8. Praying to god without giving anything to god directly is begging, where as blessing others is giving to god as god created us to enjoy happiness.

God bless.

For free distant energy healings, please send your email request to: as mentioned in the following links.

The following details are needed to do healing for each person.
1) The suffering person's name
2) Mother's name
) Father's name
) Full address which shall include
Family name, House name or house no:, street name
District,  state and country.
) Illnesses for which healing is required. Here correct name of
illnesses may help the cure easily.
God bless

If no reply in 2 days, pls send reminders.

Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. Before believing this article readers need to do their own study or research in order to understand and establish the truth.


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